The world of Heart

On August 24, 2016, a group of astronomers discovered that the closest star to our solar system, Proxima Centauri, has a planet. What is even more interesting is that this M dwarf, dubbed Proxima Centauri b, lies at a distance from its sun that might yield just the right temperature to sustain liquid water on its surface. In other words, Proxima Centauri b could be an exoplanet – a habitable planet! Combine that with Alpha Centauri being a triple star system that’s only 4 light years away from us, and boom – planet Heart was born.

If the Universe is infinite, whatever we might imagine already exists somewhere in a distant corner of space. No one knows what surface Proxima Centauri b has, or even if it has a solid surface at all, so we imagined it. Proxima Centauri b is called Heart in our game, and features a heart shaped landmass split in 2 continents and 26 countries. Coincidentally, the 2 continents have several fresh water lakes which, from afar, look a lot like the continents of E2 A3 R4 T5 H1 ;). The Earth innuendos and similarities do not end here – we made heavy use of anagrams for the 25 countries inspired by very real political divisions, and a significant number of landmarks in Earth are a retro futuristic interpretation of places you can visit for real. One country, though, is entirely fictional and it is an exercise of designing utopia from someone who has a very positive attitude towards AI 😉

The major update that’s cooking for Heart. Papers. Border. is a content update unlocking everything that’s graphically done in the game. As a preparation for this, I will start to present here each country, its background and – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT – it’s real life cultural, political and geographical inspiration.

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