100 stories of Heart. Papers. Border.

When we started Heart. Papers. Border., we never really thought that this game would become a commercial success. The project had two main purposes: to let us express a future we both wish for and to allow us to experiment with a bunch of stuff we really wanted to learn (coding, vector graphics, publishing a game on Steam, and more). We were wildly successful considering these metrics; in fact, after one year of coding HPB, Sebi got hired as a programmer for a very good studio in Stockholm, Toca Boca.  

But there was still a part of me that hoped HPB would allow us the kind of independence that would let me dedicate a lot more time developing it. I secretly hoped HPB would become my main job. But sustainability means success in today’s indie scene, and I always knew this kind of wishes were naive. Almost a year and a half later, HPB still serves its ideological and learning purpose excellently, but both me and Sebi have very little time to dedicate to its development. This means terribly slow updates. I often find myself ashamed about this slowness. And whatever spare time I have for HPB goes to development and not keeping everyone up to date with our progress.

Well, I decided to learn from my personal #100daysof… Instagram projects. I completed #100daysofselfies which really helped with my self esteem, and I am now running #100daysofgym which keeps me motivated to move. Today marks the first entry of #100storiesofHPB. It’s not necessarily an Instagram project, but rather a collection of bits and pieces to keep everyone interested up to date with the development of Heart. Papers. Border.  I am really curios where will the project be 100 posts from now.


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