Heart. Papers. Border joins the Sweden Game Arena hub!

We are super happy to announce that we have officially joined the Sweden Game Arena hub!

This means that from now on, the chances of finding us wherever Sweden Game Arena is are pretty big.But what IS Sweden Game Arena

It is actually a really big game development cluster that includes a gamedev oriented University, a game incubator, over 50 studio members including the Coffee Stain bunch, the Stunlocks, the DoubleMoose’s, Ludosity, Guru Games, and many, many others that we are very happy to call good friends ever since we moved to Skövde 5 years ago. As a cluster, Sweden Game Arena handles everyone’s presence locally and abroad, so if you see a super nice and welcoming brightly colourful booth with goats and dragons on its walls, that would be us. The cluster often takes all the independent developers for free or very  low cost at gamedev events all around the world, such as GDC in San Francisco, Nordic Game Conference in Sweden or GamesCom in Cologne. And if that’s not cool enough, Sweden Game Arena has its very own conference and last year hosted a super impressive number of well known speakers, such as Warren Spector, Chris Avellone, Kate Edwards, Richard Bartle, Davind Gaider and so many more.

Sweden Game Arena also has the coolest VR tech
Sweden Game Arena also has the coolest VR tech

And now we are officially part of Sweden Game Arena. Yay!

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